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Nelson Life how much can I invest into my pension Oct 2020

How much can I investment into my pension?

Even a small investment into a pension can make a big impact! Tax saving investment opportunities for employees. If you are an employee who feels you are paying too much tax, the good news is that you may be entitled to a refund of some of the Income Tax you paid in 2019. This can […]

Nelson Life start your pension early Oct 2020

Starting your pension earlier

The earlier you start your pension the better. Why? Firstly, Pension investing is very tax efficient.  For example, if you are a 40% tax payer; If you invest EUR 120.00 | The Irish Government will invest EUR 80.00 There will then be a total investment into your pension of EUR 200.00 Secondly,  the power of […]

Nelson Life investment returns S&P 500 1927 to 2020 June 2020

Investment advice for these times

making better investment decisions Investment markets have been especially volatile for investors this year. In these uncertain times it may be difficult to remain committed to your investment plan. think longer-term This is why we at Nelson Life we believe you should think longer-term. If you are invested then you should have an investment timescale […]

Investment advice for a younger you Nelson Life May 2020

Investing for your future. What would you tell a younger you?

Saving and investing for your future is something we all know and have been told we should do. The reality is though, it not always easy to make changes One of the most interesting parts of my job is asking older customers what they would do differently and what financial & investment advice would they […]

Moving job and your pension options Nelson Life May 2020

New job and your pension

I’ve moved jobs a couple of times over the years, how do I keep track of my pensions? As you move jobs you may start to accumulate small pension benefits in different employer pension schemes. When you leave a job you will have to decide what to do with the pension benefits you may have […]

Pension investment risk reward and effects of stopping investment Nelson Life May 2020

Pension and retirement planning

Understanding the risk reward trade off Generally, most pension providers will now provide access to a range of funds that are graded on a risk scale 1 to 7 (where 1 is the lowest risk and 7 is the highest risk). Everyones attitude to risk is different. However, it is really important to understand what […]

Starting your pension earlier Nelson Life May 2020

Starting your pension investment

I am often asked to provide the ‘numbers’ why starting a pension earlier makes more sense than waiting. Often,  there is no real reason why new customers haven’t started a pension plan. Yet, when a new potential pension starter is shown these figures the need to at least start a pension becomes clearer. These numbers […]

Investment advice Nelson Life May 2020

Investment advice, risk and lessons from history

Lessons from ‘extreme events’ Attempting to time markets is very difficult (even the professionals find this a challenge). So when an extreme market event occurs such as the Post World War II crash, or the Dot Com crash, remaining invested through the difficult times has eventually paid off. While stock markets falls are painful, history […]

Pension planning Nelson Life May 2020

Pensions and retirement planning after 50

It’s now time to plan. The closer we get to retirement, the more we start thinking about what we will have to live on. For many clients, once they hit aged 50, the focus really starts on what am I going to live on when I finish employment. Your pension fund will be a big […]

Protecting your investments Nelson Life May 2020

Investment property

Questions – do you have an investment property which forms part of your financial plan (cash flow planning) ? – is it worth more / less than you paid for it? – if you died, would you leave it mortgage free? – if you wanted to go ahead and increase your life cover, how do […]

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