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Nelson Life : 5 reasons to invest into property.

Nelson Life provide advice to investors considering buying property with their pension. You can either invest into a larger commercial property fund or choose a bespoke property of your choice (there are strict Revenue rules with this option). All income and gains within pension schemes are exempt from income tax and capital gains tax. This means […]


Enhanced annuity and pension income

Deciding what to do with your pension savings will be one of the most important financial decisions you will have to make. After you retire, the pension benefits you will receive for the rest of your life are determined by those decisions. It can be complicated – we are here to explain and answer any […]


www.saver.ie – independent pension and investment advice for small businesses

www.saver.ie is an independent website with two objectives. 1. To help savers – both personal and business – source better interest rates for their deposits, savings and investments For example – KBC demand account 1.25% AER gross variable 2. To support employers and small businesses comply with pension scheme legislation. Not all employers run pension […]

Nelson Life Serious Illness protection

Financial protection against Cancer, Heart Attack & Stroke – Your biggest financial risk

In Ireland the biggest causes of serious illness (Source :Zurich Life, July 2014) Females – 80% Cancer, 7% Heart Attack and 3% Stroke Males – 64% Cancer, 10% Heart Attack & 4% Stroke Nelson Life offer access to the leading providers of Specified Serious Illness protection.   If you have a financial planning or product […]


Pension Adjustment Orders – Nelson Life Pension Advice

Until the mid-1990s there was no way to split pensions on a marital breakdown. Separation agreements which tried to agree a simple split of the benefits were not, and are still not, enforceable against pension scheme trustees. The Family Law Act, 1995 and the Family Law (Divorce) Act, 1996 were introduced and enabled the Courts […]


Nelson Life offer diversification for pension and investment monies.

Diversification is a critical consideration when building any investment or pension portfolio. Nelson Life now have access to Alder Capital Insight Currency Fund. The following four methodologies can be used in the effective generation of returns from highly liquid currency pairs or combinations of currency pairs. a) A directional component – Where a strategy is […]


Women, pensions and changes to the State Pension

Though over 50% of women are now successfully active in the labour force, women are still far less likely to have pensions than men and their pensions are likely to be of lower value. Fewer women in Ireland have access to pensions in retirement. Research in this area concludes that one of the main sources […]

Two million healh insurance

Nelson Life starter health insurance for employers and individuals

If you’re looking for hospital cover at an affordable cost, then AVIVA Health Starter is the right choice for you. With AVIVA Health Starter, you’ll have cover for a wide range of out-patient benefits as listed below. Aviva Health Starter benefits: Cover in a semi-private room for in-patient hospital costs and day case procedures in a public hospital. […]


12 month deposit rates available 19 Feb 15 – Nelson Life Pensions & Investments

Fixed interest accounts available Rates below are for 12 months only – business rates may be different Rates below available 18 February 2015 – subject to change without notice.  Gross Rate Gross AER Notes Credit rating Standard & Poor’s Short Term Credit rating Standard & Poor’s Long Term Credit rating Moodys Short Term Credit rating […]

Huatulco Coastline

Irish deposits and credit ratings from Moody’s & Standard & Poor’s

Neither the Greek Government or its Eurozone partner’s want to see Greece leave the Eurozone. Many commentators in the media have predicted that this is very unlikely, however, Greece will run out of money if a deal is not reached before the end of February. There is no formal process for a country to exit […]

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