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Nelson Life deposits not always the answer Aug 2018

Investment advice & deposits.

Making sure that you have sufficient money available in the event of an emergency, job change, unexpected change in health or accident, is one of the first steps in building a financial plan. However, with current demand access rates as low as 0.50% AER Gross variable (our best rate), this means that you are not […]

Nelson Life life cover & SSIC discount Aug 2018

Why you don’t need life insurance.

You probably don’t need life insurance if you are single, no large debts, own a property mortgage free or are financially independent. However, most of our new customers are highly uninsured, especially if they either are parent(s) with young child/children business owner with an underfunded pension scheme employee with a small level of death in […]

Nelson Life 10 good reasons to invest into a pension August 2018

10 good reasons to invest into your pension

For some people the State pension is sufficient to provide a basic level of income. Others may have an opportunity to accumulate wealth without using pension schemes – perhaps through their business ventures or other assets (savings, inheritance or property). However, most people will want to supplement what they have with some form of pension […]


5 ways to rebalance your financial priorities & financial advice.

“Save for a rainy day. Save for retirement. Save for children’s education. Buy life insurance. Change the car. Reduce work hours to spend more time with my children. Pay more off mortgage”. We all have conflicting financial priorities. One of our most common recurring financial goals are to be debt free and have enough in […]


Cancer cover

A cancer diagnosis alters health and your life itself in many ways – it can have a substantial financial impact to you and your dependents. Recognising these incredible challenges is physically demanding enough, without adding in the financial impact. FACT: By 2020 – 1 in 2 people will be effected by Cancer in their lifetime […]

Nelson Life do you know where the pieces of your retirment are June 2018

Changing jobs and your pension

If you change jobs what are your options? When you leave a job there is a lot going on – normally one of the last items considered are the options for your pension money. When you leave employment you should receive a “Statement of Options” letter within 2 months of leaving service. Whats important to […]


Potential to ‘unlock’ money in your AMRF

Can I now access my AMRF ?  Up until this week, unless you were aged 75 or in receipt of guaranteed pension income of €12,700 per annum, then the answer was no. This has now changed. Thousands of pensioners will get an early opportunity to unlock money in retirement funds they have been unable to […]


Positive societal and envirnomental impact investment fund

The world faces numerous challenges, from climate change and poverty to inequality and pollution. The Standard Life Global Equity Impact fund aims to have a positive societal and environmental impact, while still delivering financial returns for investors. As a broker offering Standard Life products this investment option is now available to both existing and new […]


Divorce, separation and financial advice.

Amongst all things this is a very stressful event and process. On a practical basis the fall out will have/can have significant and complicated tax outcomes for all involved. As a financial planner and experience in this area, we have seen that there are there are many legal approaches for a married couple who wish […]

Investment advice.

At Nelson Life before taking any asset allocation decisions investors need to take the all important to action to invest. Investors need to actively plan. We take an active approach to supporting your investment decisions. We offer clear financial planning advice, investment advice and pension advice. Nelson Life have over 20 years experience and will […]

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