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Pension advice.

Here are 4 quick tips if considering starting or searching for pension advice. Over the longer term your pension will become one of the largest assets you own. The earlier you start the better. 1. How much can you afford to invest into your pension fund? One disadvantage of building a pension fund is that […]

Nelson Life deposits not always the answer Aug 2018

Investment – risk and reward

Risk and reward. Understanding the relationship between risk and reward is a fundamental part of building an investment philosophy. Investments such as equities, bonds, property, cash/deposits and alternatives all have their own risk characteristics. Understanding how each asset class works is a key part of understanding how a diversified portfolio can help protect and grow […]

Nelson Life expertise Sept 2016

Your financial plan

Do you set time aside every year to look at and review your financial plan? If so, then we would like to hear from you. If you don’t, however, would like to discuss how it is done then we would like to hear from you! At Nelson Life, before we mention products and asset allocations, […]


IORPS Directive – property and pension

IORPS Directive (Institutions for Occupational Retirement Provision) The IORPS II Directive is an update on the original European IORPS Directive which was intended to be transposed into Irish Law on 13th January 2019. The Directive was not transposed on this date, however,  is expected to be transposed during 2019. There are two areas of concern […]

Nelson Life ARF v annuity customer age 66

Your pension options

New ways of working and retiring are being experienced. We are all different. At Nelson Life we appreciate that the attitudes and behavious of the senior members of our population is definitely different to that in the past. The new 50+ is definitely healthier, and more active than ever – taking a much more proactive […]

Nelson Life Ocober 31st 2016 Pension Tax Deadline

Pension tax relief for GMS & HSE health professionals

In the recent Budget there were no real major changes to pension tax relief. Read Nelson Life Budget 2018 here. Depending upon your employment category – Employee, Self Employed, Dual income or Director – there are many different types of pension contact that you can use to claim relief. The types of policy you may […]

Nelson Life save tax 3 easy steps Sept 2017

Income tax deadline – pension advice.

How to reduce your 2017 tax bill by making a pension investment: By contributing to a new or existing pension contract BEFORE 31 October 2018 or 14 November 2018 (Revenue On Line Service) you can elect to back date the tax relief to the 2017 tax year. If you need pension advice then please do […]


Nelson Life Budget 2019 key points

Please read our Nelson Life Budget summary 2019 Pensions NO CHANGE: Tax Relief – Employee Pension Contributions – This will continue at the marginal rate of income tax, however, subject to the Age Related Contribution Limits and Earnings Cap, if applicable (and overall Revenue Maximum Approved Benefit limits) NO CHANGE : Tax Relief – Employer […]

Nelson Life save tax 3 easy steps Sept 2017

Medical professionals and your pension investment

Many medical professional are unaware of the attractive benefits that apply to making Additional Voluntary Contributions. In addition, you can now have control on how your pension money is invested – diversify your annual investment or even invest into shares or lower cost ETFs. If you are an employee of the HSE did you know […]

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SSIA money scheme returning?

ARE YOU READY TO START SAVING? With all the talk of a new SSIA style incentive scheme being introduced today – this is a great opportunity to review your savings goals. Saving is an important cornerstone of all financial plans – saving is a good thing. Much of the media talk is about the splurge […]

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