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The impact of charges on your investment, savings and pension fund.

Clearly, you can benefit from shopping around for financial advice – in practice this may often be difficult. You may not know that cheaper options are available or where to go for advice. Unlike other advisors, Nelson Life are not tied to one particular company and we have access to over 20 different product providers. Nelson […]

Want to pay off your mortgage early?

The International Monetary Fund and World Bank are holding their spring meetings this week. In a new report published yesterday, the IMF suggest governments should use the current strong economic environment to strengthen their finances. As a wealth manager and financial planner, my role is to assist individuals, families and businesses feel more secure about […]


Considering buying a property with your pension fund?

Using your pension fund to buy a property is now a viable and attractive proposition. All gains and income within pension schemes are free from tax. Property prices are increasing and rental demand showing no immediate signs of cooling. If you have a pension fund built up, then now could be a good time to […]

Financial review

Are you saving for the future? Are you putting money aside for the long term, or saving up for a specific medium-term expense such as the deposit on a home? How much can you realistically afford to save each month? Would your money be better invested paying off some debt? A personal financial review will look […]

Nelson Life Investment and importance of time Sept 2017

Key investment advice

Predicting stock market moves in the short term is difficult. Equity markets have risen significantly over the last 9 years and most commentators are predicting modest growth expectations for investors, compared to those since 2008. Some investors and pension investors are currently asking, “should we remain invested or should I hold off until this current […]


Deposit and investment advice

Whether you need to build up savings or a lump sum, we are here to advise on the best option for your money. We have  experienced a large uplift in enquiries from RaboDIRECT customers (deposit and pension account holders). Deposit options (available to existing and new customers including RaboDIRECT) – 35 day notice account – […]

Life insurance

Almost all of our customers are aware that they need life insurance, however, most only become serious about the level of cover their dependents need until there is a life event that pushes them to putting it in place. The majority of our customers who have bought life insurance in the last year are either; […]

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Why should you hold bonds in your investment or pension

Unprecedented levels of quantitative easing have created an environment of negative real rates of return for investors (pension investors, AMRF and ARF pension fund holders). Investors seeking returns are opening their investments to potential high levels of volatility. One of the critical success factors for an investment portfolio to prevail against market volatility over the […]


Investment stock selection and reducing risk

Investors who think they can be successful at buying shares should definitely read the attached research findings by Prof Hendrick Bessembinder, University of Arizona in “Do Stocks Outperform Treasury Bills?” February 2017. Prof. Bessembinder evaluated every one month return of every US common stock traded on the New York and American Stock Exchange and the NASDAQ, since […]

Major changes to pensions announced

Government announce major changes to pensions in Ireland in the ‘Roadmap for Pensions Reform 2018-2023’ From 2022 employees without private pensions will be enrolled automatically in a retirement savings scheme, under new pension reforms announced by the Government The introduction of “auto enrolment” is one of a number of pension reforms which were announced by the […]

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