Promoting Education & Health Development.

The issues of development, environment and health are closely entwined.

This reflects the complex links between the social, economic, ecological and political factors that determine standards of living and other aspects of social well-being that influence human health.

A healthy population and safe environments are important pre-conditions for a sustainable future.

“As a result, education policy-makers and teachers must embrace health promotion activities to achieve their goals. Schools must be not only centres for academic learning, but also supportive venues for the provision of essential health education and services” (Adapted from Improving Learning Outcomes by Improving Health and Nutrition: Incorporating the FRESH Approach in National Action Plans for Achieving Education for All, UNESCO, 2001).

Great Ethiopian Run

Rory Nelson finishes the 2012 CBE Great Ethiopian Run (the biggest road race in Africa with over 36,000 participants). Rory and 15 other people raised thousands of Euro for Self Help Africa to continue development programmes in Africa. Photo : Andrew Downes. 


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