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We are committed to improving financial awareness and decision making – empowering our customers to make more informed & better financial decisions.

Financial education is not taught at school – we believe it should be.

Financial literacy at all levels can be improved – whether its life assurance advice, pension advice, investment advice, mortgage advice and/or financial planning. That’s what we do………

The need for impartial workplace financial advice.

  • For an employee, the knowledge that their employer cares about their longer term financial well being is now of high importance.
  • Financial awareness empowers better financial outcomes.
  • As pensions awareness grows, employers who expose employees to pension advice will see a longer term benefit in recruitment and retention – the workplace now has an important role to play in improving better financial decision making.
  • Nelson Life are successfully making workplace financial advice easier to access  – on site workshops, group presentations, one to one consultancy – all available on a fee basis.

Workplace financial advice work groups and seminars.

  • We offer on site education seminars or learning programs for employers, key executives and employees – our session(s) will cover your brief.
  • Our service is fee based and not conditional on product sales.

Why Nelson Life?

Our success and growth is built upon our reputation to provide clear, concise and impartial financial advice.

  • Education: Professional qualifications and we are regulated by the Central Bank of Ireland.
  • Experience: We have over 20 years of technical financial advice & planning experience, advising and educating – businesses, families, individuals and charities.
  • Enthusiasm & Commitment: We love what we do and want our customers to know more, make better and more informed decisions.

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