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7 questions to ask your advisor.

What is your experience, job history and qualifications?

Rory Nelson has over 19 Years experience advising in the Irish Independent Financial Advisor market, including 11 years with Canada Life Ireland. BA(Hons) in Accounting & Finance, Pension Trustee Practitioner PTP, QFA FLIA, UCD Professional Certificate in Stockbroking, UCD Wealth Management, Pensions Diploma, Mortgage Diploma & APA Personal General Insurance. Portrait 2

What potential areas for conflict of interest do you anticipate when providing advice to me?

We have access to a large range of companies and products – Nelson Life is not tied to one bank assurer or one life assurance company. This means that we can place your business with the company that we consider to be the best fit for you. Many of the trusted companies that we place business with pay us a commission payment. Sometimes commission payments between providers and products can differ. In all instances, we highlight our commission payment and you always have the option to be charged a fee instead. Fees are dependent upon the time and complexity of work involved and we are happy to provide a quotation based upon detail provided.

What is your exact regulatory status and what does that mean for me ?

Authorised Advisor – we offer fair anlysis advice on the broadest range of products and product providers available. We offer specialist financial advice and we regularly meet customers with their Tax Advisors, Accountants and Legal Advisors to ensure advice is robust. It means that we always strive to provide the best advice for you based upon the information you have provided.

Are there any products or services or companies you are not regulated to provide advice on – name them ?

We are authorised to offer broad based advice – we have access to leading and the strongest range of product providers and products. Our focus is to ensure that you receive the best advice from us at all times. We offer advice on a fee basis.

How exactly do you get paid – Fee, up front commission, renewal commission, annual fund based commission and soft commissions ?

We offer you the opportunity to charge a fee or we can take a commission from the product recommended. In all instances we disclose the payments that we receive. We will ensure that the impact of the commission on the performance of your investment or pension is discussed.

How many companies products will you compare BEFORE you make my recommendation?

We will always produce a fair analysis of the market – we have access to over 20 providers. This way you can be sure that your product is selected from a broad range of options.

What assumptions do you use for longer term projections – do you quote specific or generic figures?

We endeavour at all times to make our quotes and your expectation as realistic as possible. Accurate assessment of your risk profile is vitally important to ensuring your expectation is as close as possible to projection provided. For example, if you are in very low risk funds then you need to ensure that your projected benefits are also using realistic growth forecasts – not 6% and 8% per annum. Some cash funds are yielding negative growth currently.



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