Nelson Life is a specialist in providing investment advice.

Organising and planning your portfolio of investments can be difficult – especially if you have received investment advice in the past from different advisors and have many different policies.

Our investment advice will help you establish a clearer picture what options are available to you.

We can collate existing policies under our portfolio management system.

Our investment advice will consider :

  • Size of your lump sum
  • Length of time you wish to invest for
  • Risk you are comfortable with or capital protection
  • Financial strength of the company you are willing to place your money with
  • Whether you need access to capital during the term
  • Taxation – DIRT, CGT or Gross Roll Up
  • Your overall portfolio

Providing right type of investment advice will also depend on whether you want to invest for income or for capital growth.

We are available to meet and discuss options.

As part of process you will be asked to complete a risk profile questionnaire.



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