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  • NO CHANGE: Tax Relief – Employee Pension Contributions – This will continue at the marginal rate of income tax, however, subject to the Age Related Contribution Limits and Earnings Cap, if applicable (and overall Revenue Maximum Approved Benefit limits)
  • NO CHANGE : Tax Relief – Employer Pension Contributions - Corporation Tax relief will continue to be available on employer pension contributions – subject to the overall maximum pension limits
  • NO CHANGE: Employer Corporation Tax - rate to remain at 12.5% on trading income
  • NO CHANGE: Earnings Cap - amount to remain at €115,000.
  • NO CHANGE: Retirement Lump Sum - up to €200,000 remains tax-free and amounts from €200,000 to €500,000 will be taxed at 20%.
  • NO CHANGE: Standard Fund Threshold – currently €2 million. There are significant additional tax liabilities where the limit is exceeded. We will wait for the Finance Bill 2017 to see whether the SFT from 2018 has been amended in line with an earnings adjustment factor.
  • ATTENTION EMPLOYERS – GOVERNMENT PENSION ROADMAP – The Reform Plan was launched earlier this year confirms that Auto Enrolment will be introduced by 2022. Something had to change – 1 million workers (2/3rds of private sector workforce) who currently have no pension provision………….for guidance on Employer Pension obligations please readwww.saver.ieand/or contact us
  • AMRF/ARF policy owners. In the context of the €12,700 guaranteed income requirement before being eligible for an ARF, when this increase commences, it leaves a small pension income shortfall. If this shortfall is NOT bridged then €63,500 has to be invested into an AMRF until aged 75. This GAP is now bridged.

Life Cover, investment, deposits & Taxation – DIRT and exit tax.

  • NO CHANGE : Tax treatment of death benefits. No changes at all to the important “family protection” contracts put in place for loved ones/financial dependents.
  • CHANGE : With regards to Savings and Investment, the phased reduction in DIRT was introduced last year. This means that the rate of DIRT reduced by 2% to 37% for 2018 (and will reduce further to 33% by 2020 in 2% p.a. increments). At that stage it will be in line with the current rate of Capital Gains Tax.
  • NO CHANGE: The Insurance Levy on Protection policies and investment/savings policies was not reduced or removed and remains unchanged at 1%. The rate of Exit Tax on Life Assurance Policies and Investment Funds was also unchanged and remains at 41%. These are both penal taxes.
  • NO CHANGE: Savings: Corporate Deposits. The current corporate exit tax rate remains at 25%, in line with corporation tax for non-trading income.
  • CHANGE: Capital Acquisition Tax (CAT) – The Group A Threshold (gifts or inheritance to son/daughter) changed to €320,000.  all other Groups – no change.
  • NO CHANGE – Small Gift Exemption Scheme. You can still gift €3,000 per annum per individual.

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This article was written by Rory Nelson, founder of Nelson Life. Rory is celebrating 20 years in financial planning this year. Professional qualifications include; UCD Specialist Diploma in Wealth Management, Pension Trustee Practitioner PTP, UCD Professional Certificate in Stockbroking,UCD Professional Certificate in Asset Management (SIA),  QFA FLIA, Pensions Diploma, Mortgage Advice Diploma, CFP module – Tax & Estate Planning and has a degree in BA Accounting & Finance. He has regularly participated in national financial press.

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