Organising your pension policies from past employment or current employment can be difficult – especially if you have received pension advice in the past from different advisors and have many different policies.

We can help you establish a clearer picture what you have.

We can collate existing policies under our portfolio management system.

Pension advice frequently asked questions:

  • How much will I/we need?
  • What are the tax benefits and how significant are they?
  • How much can I/my company pay in on my behalf each year?
  • Can you meet my accountant and discuss?
  • What are the charges and how do we minimise them?
  • What do you get paid and can you offer a fee service?
  • What are the risks and do I have a choice of funds?
  • What Investment strategy should I follow and how do we benchmark?

Planning to supplement your income has never been more important and is what we are best at.

We can help you if you are an employee, company director or sole trader and looking to supplement your income by making investments into your pension.

Change to State Pension Eligibility:

The State Pension is now only €223.00 per week – is this enough for you and your family?

If you were born after on or after the 1st of January 1961 you will now have to wait until age 68 to collect the State Pension – have you enough put aside to cover you between aged 65 and 68?

AVC Access :

Individuals were previously allowed access to a once off option to withdraw up to 30% of the funded AVCs made to supplement retirement benefits. This option is no longer available, it closed 27/3/2016).

Pension funds taxation:

Pension Fund Levy no longer applies.

Imputed distribution applies to all vested PRSAs and ARFs once 61 years of age.

We are expert pension advisors and will answer any questions you may have in connection to your pension fund, AVCs, retirement plan, PRSA, PRSA AVC, Approved Minimum Retirement Plan (AMRF), Approved Retirement Plan (ARF) and tax free cash.

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