Why do you need life cover ?

  • Peace-of-mind: Protection for your family from a substantial financial burden.
  • Increased security: You can add cover for many serious illnesses and disabilities.
  • Cover for your partner on the same policy.
  • Flexibility: Increase cover on certain life events, like the birth of a new child.

Statistics show that most of us will live well into our retirement, however, if you die prematurely this could have serious implications for your dependents and your business.

Potentially it can mean a significant and sudden reduction to your financial well being because

  • Your income will cease
  • Debts and loans may become repayable.
  • Inheritance Tax could arise for your dependants, depending on what and how much they inherit from you.

However, you may have death in service benefits from your employer & Social Welfare benefits may be payable on your death – such as the widows / widowers / surviving civil partner’s pension.

These benefits will not replace the emotional loss of a loved one, however, you can significantly reduce the potential financial loss by efficiently structuring life cover.

Let us help you quantify how much you will need and tailor a life cover programme that fits your budget.

Please read Nelson Life frequently asked questions about life cover here

What are the main concerns parents have before talking to an independent financial planner?

1. You may think it’s more expensive than it is 

Age Life cover amount, term 15 years Cost per month
35 €200,000 € 15.69
45 €200,000 € 31.73
55 €200,000 € 85.32

Please note above quotations are for a single person, non smoker, standard medical rates, benefits and premiums not increasing.

We will take time to ensure all the options available are explained and most importantly, the plan suits you.

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2. You want simplicity when considering purchasing protection plans.

In the above example, life cover will remain at €200,000 for the entire term of the contract, provided all monthly premiums are paid. The cost of the cover will not change.

In the above quotation we have also included an optional extra, called a continuation option. This allows you to continue the policy beyond the 15th year WITHOUT the need for further medical evidence. So, if your health changes you will be able to continue the cover. Note the cost will increase, as you will be 15 years older.

Ask us for a FREE Nelson Life new customer guides to help you get more informed about life insurance.

a) A simple guide to life insurance for parents

b) A shorter guide 

3. What if I have a medical condition?

When you complete an application form you will be asked questions covering your current and past medical history and lifestyle.

These will include your height, your weight, current state of health, smoking and alcohol consumption habits, general medical history and details of any hazardous pursuits such as mountaineering, rock climbing, motor racing, horse riding etc.

As part of the proposal form you will be asked to sign a declaration stating that all your answers are true and complete (all material facts disclosed).

This form will also give the life company permission to write to your GP/Consultants requesting past medical records (if required) and any other information they feel relevant to assessing your application.

4. Are the product benefits clear?

We will take time to ensure you understand the options.

We will support any recommendation with a Statement of Suitability, quotation and product booklets.

Our key features documents and product brochure will give you a clear understanding of the benefits and services available to them.

Please note. The information is valid as at today’s date and we believe is correct. These figures are subject to underwriting by the Insurance Company on receipt of a completed application  form.


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